30 November 2022

Sustainable radiator cover limits heat loss in daycare centers

Energy prices are at a record high, rents are rising, and staff shortage is enormous. Childcare and educational institutions are suffering from this and therefore are forced to pass on these cost increases. Sustainability measures can bring these costs down. Good insulation, solar panels, lowering the heating. A few examples that could save some money and benefit the planet. To limit heat loss and protect children from heaters in kindergartens, Arte Viva has developed a solution – the child-friendly and sustainable Radiator Cover.

Due to the mandatory ventilation systems in childcare, cold air is continuously drawn in from the outside. In addition, several rooms are often connected to each other and doors at a childcare location often open and close. Heat is therefore lost quickly. To prevent children from freezing indoors during the winter, heating remains necessary but it should be sustainable and safe for children.


Radiator cover systems 

There are different types of radiator cover systems. Most standard radiator covers do not heat the rooms efficiently. As a result, a great deal of heat is lost when these systems are used. It must be fired harder to get and maintain the desired temperature. You can imagine that the gas bill will be huge.

This is primarily because a standard radiator cover system does not provide good air circulation. The holes through which the heat must flow to heat the room are often too small. As a result, children cannot reach it with their fingers, but the warm air remains mainly at the radiator itself and does not reach the room sufficiently. In addition, few systems have an opening at the top. Warm air rises, so it travels the fastest into space when it can rise. This is not immediately possible with those systems.

In addition, some radiator covers are less or not child-friendly, for example because they do not have rounded corners. Children naturally run around and therefore an accident is just around the corner. A child who falls against a sharp corner of a radiator cover can be badly hurt as a result.

Finally, standard radiator covers are often not modular and difficult to install. It therefore takes a lot of time and effort to put them together and take them apart again where necessary.


Child-friendly and sustainable radiator cover

The Arte Viva Radiator Cover has important advantages over the standard radiator conversion systems. We list these advantages.


Efficient heating

The radiator cover has ventilation slots along the entire length of the housing. These run from top to bottom, so that the heat can escape at all kinds of heights. This allows the rising warm air to heat the room effectively and efficiently. There is therefore no need to heat more, and no warmth is lost.

We have made a comparison video where we measure the temperature with and without the Radiator Cover installed. You can see it here!

Bonus tip: with a few simple steps you can minimize the heat loss in daycare centers and classrooms even further. Have you installed radiator reflector foil? This will help to reflect 75% to 95% of the heat radiation into the room instead of into the wall. Bleed your radiator. This will help your heating to heat up faster and you will use less gas. Make sure to remove any furniture that is blocking your radiators such as sofas and closets. This will stimulate the circulation of air and heat up a room faster saving energy. 


100% child-friendly

The hot metal and sharp edges of a radiator can injure children badly. It can cause burns and other injuries. Radiator cover systems that prevent children from touching the hot radiator are not always completely safe for children

The Arte Viva Radiator Cover is designed with curved panel and rounded edges so when children bump into it, injuries are avoided or limited. That makes our Radiator Cover child-friendly.

In addition, the radiator cover is made of sustainable wood. This is a softer material than metal. Although bumping into this is still not pleasant, it is less painful than against hard and sharp metal.


Easy to install and customize

The radiator cover is easy to install and is a modular system. This means that it can be adjusted to the length of the radiator. This ensures that the system fits properly on 95% of all horizontal radiators.

Finally, the curved wood gives the radiator housing a beautiful design. If you prefer to give it a different color, you can. The wood is untreated so you can paint or varnish the radiator cover in any color. Make sure you use good quality paint that is non-toxic.


Where to buy the radiator cover from Arte Viva?

Because the Arte Viva Radiator Cover promotes efficient heating, is child-friendly and is easy to install and adjust, it is an ideal solution for kindergartens, nurseries and schools. Do you want to know more about this system? Please feel free to contact us!