Acoustic Cloud

Acoustic Cloud

Acoustic Cloud – Sensory Lights

Acoustic Cloud – Sensory Lights

Acoustic solutions for kindergartens and schools

Acoustics can be a complicated issue that is often overlooked or not addressed sufficiently when creating a classroom, gym hall, office, or play area. Modern-day kindergartens, nurseries, daycare centers, and schools are designed with more open spaces and harder materials that absorb less sound (e.g. concrete). Walls and ceilings are usually the main sources of bad acoustics since they reflect the sound. To reduce the noise the walls and ceilings can be equipped with acoustic materials that absorb the sound waves. Arte Viva offers acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings: the Acoustic Cloud and Acoustic Panel.


Advice on acoustic solutions

  • Rule of thumb for coverage: 1/3 of floor space
  • RT60 reverberation time: the time it takes for the sound pressure level to drop by 60 dB from its original level.
  • Reverberation time: bearable between 0.3 and 0.6 sec
  • Most effective in places where the most sound is produced: above a shared dining table or play area, on the wall near the TV. High tones (crying) in the bedroom – solution by hanging panels from the ceiling


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