Anti Slip Stickers

Anti Slip Stickers

Anti-slip sticker for children

Wet floors cause a slippery surface. When the children walk from outside to inside on a rainy day, they leave a trail of footsteps behind. You can easily slip on a slippery floor, think of the bathroom or toilet next to the corridor. Perhaps a greater risk of slipping lies on the stairs.

Nowadays, new (pre)school buildings often have multiple floors for different age groups. Despite the fact that the older children often have lessons on the second floor and that they can walk stairs independently, it is wise to place anti-slip stickers for extra grip. A fall from the stairs can lead to serious injuries. A good handrail on both sides of the stairs is necessary. Non-slip steps are just as important when it comes to safety.

Besides extra safety for children, the Anti Slip stickers from Arte Viva offer a playful marking on the floor. For example, place the stickers on the floor in front of the toilet to encourages children to sit on the toilet. If the children pee while seated, this provides more hygiene in the toilet areas.


In which colors are the Anti Slip stickers available?

Red with white details.


How many Anti Slip stickers are delivered?

The stickers are available per set of two, a left foot and a right foot.


How do you attach the Anti Slip sticker for children?

The Anti Slip stickers from Arte Viva are easy to attach with the self-adhesive layer. Clean, degrease and dry the floor. Remove the foil on the bottom and place the sticker on the floor.


Which surface is most suitable for the anti-slip stickers for children?

The Anti Slip Sticker can be attached to almost all smooth types of surfaces. When a piece of tape will stick, the Anti Slip Sticker will stick as well.


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