Pillar Wall Guard – smooth

Pillar Wall Guard – smooth

Play Mat

Play Mat

Pillar Wall Guard – ribbed

Pillar Wall Guard – ribbed

Wall and pillar protection

With wall and pillar protection you can create a safer environment for children. There are various methods to limit the chance of accidents and injuries in children’s areas. The wall and pillar protection are suitable solutions to shield walls and pillars, reducing dangerous situations to children.

​When children play and run around, a stumble can lead to nasty injuries. The Wall and Pillar Guard from Arte Viva is a flexible panel that can be installed to cover corners, edges, pillars and walls and absorb shocks.


Arte Viva offers different floor, wall and pillar protectors.

The ‘Pillar and Wall Guard’ can easily be installed on pillars and columns. In many buildings, these pillars and columns are the supporting structures of the construction. You cannot remove these pillars or columns; however, they can be dangerous when they are in the middle of a room. Therefore, you want to protect them with a fitting and absorbing material. The Pillar and Wall Guard protection is ideal for these situations.

The “Play Mat” can be used to create a soft and safe play corner for little children up to 4 years. For example, in sensory areas where children can play carelessly. It can also serve as a play mat so you don’t have to worry about the landing when your playing baby falls over.

The above products provide protection on larger and more difficult surfaces of posts, walls, and floors. There are different ways to make the room child-safe and Arte Viva offers different solutions for this. If you have any questions, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.


Why is it advisable to shield floors, walls, and pillars?

Every injury to a child is undesirable. The child feels bad and has to cry, the parents are shocked, and the leader has to take extra care to calm the child. In short, an unpleasant situation for all involved, especially if a safe environment could have prevented this. All Arte Viva products contribute to a safer environment for the children. Every adjustment in the room where a wall is protected, a door finger guard is installed or a corner protector is placed is a step in the right direction.


For which rooms are floor, wall, and pillar protection suitable?

These types of protectors are mainly applied in the professional environment and less in private homes. The products can be seen a lot in schools, nurseries, childcare and sports facilities.


Can I install the products myself?

It is recommended that the Pillar Wall Guard be installed by a professional. However, it is possible to install it yourself. The products are supplied with manuals and videos. When designing our products, simple installation is one of the key considerations. All Arte Viva products can be installed by yourself.


Are all walls suitable for the Arte Viva protectors?

The walls preferably should be compact, firm, flat, and coherent. If there’s any doubt feel free to contact us for advice.


What is the minimum height that I need to protect the walls and pillars?

The minimum height of the protection depends on the space and the target group. Our wall and pillar protectors can be found in many different places. You can cover a lower part in a playgroup than in a nursing home where there are mainly adults. If you are in doubt about the height to be chosen, we will gladly advise you on this.


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