Radiator Cover

Radiator cover for kindergartens and schools to prevent burning and severe injuries (available in 2022)

The Arte Viva  Radiator Cover was specially developed to keep children safe around heaters in schools and kindergartens. Bumping against the metal and burnings from the heat are just some of the common injuries that happen to children every day due to insufficiently protected radiators in child daycare centers. Our wooden radiator protection covers the radiator fully so that children cannot touch it anymore. At the same time, it is still possible to heat up the room without any problem, due to air vents for heat circulation. The wide rounding angle of the protection prevents sharp corners. Thanks to our modular system the length can be customized to any radiator size. It is quickly and easily installed and a more convenient option than the traditional custom-designed and made covers.



Radiator cover for kindergartens and schools to prevent burning and severe injuries

Heaters keep the room warm during the winter, but at the same time also present a lot of dangers to children. Children might burn themselves on the hot metal pieces or bump their heads on the very sharp and hard edges and corners. The Arte Viva Radiator Cover was specially developed to reduce and eliminate those risks for children in schools and kindergartens. The radiator cover keeps the advantage of a heater and at the same time encases the heater to create a safe environment for children to grow, learn and play in.

The modular radiator cover is made from sustainable wood (FSC certified). Furthermore, wood is softer than metal, so bumping into the cover is less hurtful than bumping into the metal radiator. Since the heater is fully covered when the protection is installed, children are not able to reach the radiator and are therefore protected from burnings from the hot radiator. Due to air vents in the wooden protection, heat circulation is stimulated, and heating up the full room is not a problem. By making the slots 12.5 mm wide, 98% of children up to 4 years old cannot get their fingers trapped between the curved panels (Daams, B. (2013).

Thanks to our modular system the length can be customized. The design can be very unique since it is possible to paint the cover after the purchase in any color that fits the interior of the room.

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  • sustainable material
  • unique design (possible to paint in any color)
    • the paint must be non-toxic and must not crumble
  • modular system (standard size plus custom extension)
  • prevents severe injuries from bumping due to large rounding angle
  • fully covers radiator so children cannot touch it and hurt themselves
  • air vents stimulate heat circulation
  • natural wood look


  • heat resistant up to 250°C (untreated)
  • made from FSC certified wood
  • suitable for horizontal radiators, customization possible
  • not suitable for vertical radiators
  • not suitable for electric heaters


  • Modular Radiator Cover:
    • maximum height = 80 cm
    • maximum depth = 25 cm
    • length = depends on radiator
  • Suitable for horizontal radiators:
    • Maximum height A (from floor to top of radiator) = 75 cm
    • Maximum depth (measured from wall) = 20 cm