3 October 2022

Reasons to install corner guards on walls

The development of children goes by trial and error. Literally and figuratively. There is a lot you can do to protect the safety of children. Think of door finger guards that prevent fingers from getting between the door and window protection that ensures a limited opening of a window. Corner protection on walls also provides more safety for children. There are several reasons why it is important to apply corner protection to walls, whether at home or in kindergartens and schools.


Corner protection for walls

Corner protection for walls ensures that corners are covered. It no longer has sharp edges. This is used in all kinds of companies and in construction, but also in childcare, in schools and in families at home. Corner protectors come in all kinds of materials, colors, sizes and also in fun shapes. There are several reasons for installing corner protection on walls in childcare, schools or at home.


1. To protect children playing

‘We run outside,’ you hear pedagogical staff, teachers and parents say almost every day. Children’s motor skills are still developing and they are also full of energy. They play wild, are busy and like to run around both outside and inside. Sometimes accidents do happen. They bump their heads or fall to the ground. A fall doesn’t always have to cause an injury, but a fall against the corner of a wall often does. Faster than on a flat surface, a fall against a corner will quickly cause a thick bump or cut. In addition, some corners of walls are very sharp, especially those of plastered walls. That can cause nasty abrasions.

Corners are simply unavoidable in homes and spaces in childcare and schools. To prevent children from injuring themselves and thus to protect children, it is recommended to install corner protection on the walls. In this way you create a safe environment in which they can grow, learn and develop.

2. Protection of the wall

In addition to protecting children, corner protection also protects the wall itself. Corners can be easily hit, for example by objects you have in your hands or a wheeled chair that is often used in childcare. They are the most vulnerable parts of walls, so they can quickly get scratches, dents or even crumble.

That damage to the wall is annoying and you would like to avoid it with a view to durability. In addition, it poses an even greater risk of injury to children. It makes the edge of the wall even sharper and you want to prevent very young children from putting the crumbled pieces in their mouths. It is therefore also highly recommended to use a corner protector to protect the wall.


3. To give children more peace of mind

In childcare, a pedagogical employee is often in the group with several children. A pedagogical employee may be responsible for a maximum of 3 babies, 5 children aged 1 to 2, 8 children aged 2 to 4, 10 children aged 4 to 7 or 12 children aged 7 and older. Because of the four-eyes principle, pedagogical employees always work in a group at least two. This means that two employees can be responsible for 6 babies and even 24 busy children aged 7 or older. If one of the pedagogical employees is changing a child or helping with something else, that number can even temporarily increase.

Pedagogical staff want to be able to offer safe childcare, where they give these children the freedom to play and frolic with each other, without you always having to point out the dangers that the corners of walls entail. With such a large group of 12 children aged 7 or older, this is also an impossible task.

Even at home, parents cannot and do not want to keep an eye on their children all the time. You want to give your child the freedom to explore on their own. In addition, sometimes a parent has to go to the toilet, pick up something from upstairs or cook dinner while his or her son or daughter is playing. Corner protection on the walls can ensure that teachers and parents do this with peace of mind, without feeling that they have to have eyes in the back of their minds.

Corner protection by Arte Viva

For corner protection you can contact Arte Viva. They come in different shapes, sizes, shapes and colours. The Corner Guard Deluxe is available in red, yellow, grey, green, blue and ivory. If you want to dress up the room nicely with the corner protector, you can also opt for the corner protector in the shape of a pencil. Arte Viva corner protectors are ideal for use in childcare, schools, playgrounds, but also at home. This way you protect the safety of children, the wall remains protected and you can let children play with peace of mind.