12 November 2020

Checklist: Child safety at home

A beautiful interior does not imply the house is safe for children. Sharp edges and corners, slippery floors, slamming doors, open windows, and many more situations in your home can be dangerous for children. For children, it is crucial that the environment where they grow up is as safe as possible. A child-safe home is a home where the chance of child injury is minimized.

But how do you create child safety at home? There are various child safety products that contribute to a child-friendly, and mainly child-safe, environment. For example, think of corner protectors that protect sharp edges and corners or door finger guards that prevent finger entrapment. These child safety solutions create a safer environment both inside and outside the house. There is always a chance that a child gets hurt while playing, therefore it is important that the chance of accidents is minimized.

Child safety at home. Arte Viva child cafety products
Child safety at home, Arte Viva

How to create child safety at home?

There are various solutions to improve child safety at home. Follow the checklist and click here to download the printable PDF.

Arte Viva offers solutions for child safety. Finger protectors for both the hinge side and handle side of the door prevent kids from getting their fingers caught in the door. Corner protectors for walls and tables prevent unwanted injuries. The window security not only takes care of window safety for children but also secures the house from burglars. These products contribute to a child-safe home. Of course, there is always a chance of an accident occurring, but with these solutions, the safety of your kids is improved and the chance of injuries is minimized.

Kid playing, dangerous, child safety, Arte Viva
Kid playing, dangerous, child safety

Arte Viva

Our mission is to “Create a safer world for our children”. Child safety is always a priority in Arte Viva. Child injuries can happen easily but much of the pain can simply be prevented. Child safety products are, in our view, indispensable in homes but also at schools, child care centers, kindergartens, hospitals, and after-school care facilities.  

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