12 November 2020

Create a safe world for children to grow, learn, and play!

A safe world for children

Crawling, feeling, tasting, taking their first steps: Children have a delightful drive to discover the world around them. These exploring and playing children need supervision every minute of the day. A safe environment supports teachers and caregivers to minimize the probability of accidents.

‘Create a safer world for our children by reducing the number of accidents in kindergartens and schools.’

Arte Viva wants to make safe day care centers and schools the standard throughout the world. That is why we focus on child safety solutions that create a safe and carefree environment.


Minimize risks

Here’s a Safety check list for kindergartens and schools to create more awareness of dangerous situations. Find the appropriate solution to prevent the most common risks present in day care centers and schools, and avoid the risk of serious injury.


No more fingers between the door

Many accidents in kindergartens and schools are caused by doors. Mainly younger children between 0-9 years old entrap their fingers between the door and door frame. Too many children need to be treated for a bruised or broken finger. A simple solution is to cover the gaps between the door and the doorframe. Cover both sides of the door on the hinge side with our Finger Alert door finger guards.

In the Netherlands, the number of hospital visits from children in day care centers due to finger entrapment have decreased by 40% since finger door guards were made mandatory; what a great impact! In schools, this number is still too high; 300 children visit the hospital (VeiligheidNL) annually. Our goal is to reduce that number. We need your help! Check out potentially dangerous situations and appropriate solutions here.

Create a safe world for children to grow, learn, and play!

Happy Finger Arte Viva, child safety fingers