12 April 2020

Things you can do at home with children

child playing indoors

Stay indoors. It is not easy when spring starts and the sun is shining. We from ARTE VIVA have collected some tips for parents and children to get through this time.

Things to do with kids at home

  1. Write a letter to your grandparents
  2. Bake bread or cake together
  3. Build with Lego or Duplo
  4. Pajama day!
  5. Go camping at home
  6. Build a home cinema
  7. Paint or draw together
  8. Play board games
  9. Make a puzzle
  10. Do a dance competition

The whole family at home: how to do it right

  1. Bring routine into the day
  2. Invest in digital social contact
  3. Do some exercises
  4. Develop children’s independence
  5. Build-in moments of calm
  6. Do not read or speak about Covid-19 all-day
  7. Enjoy time with your family

Bonus tip!

Bring nature into your home with origami animals.

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