4 July 2024

Summerproof – 8 tips for a safe and carefree summer with children

Summer is a wonderful time. Enjoying the outdoors with your family, a day at the beach, or endless playtime at the playground. Precious memories are created during these moments. However, accidents can happen unexpectedly and are more likely to occur during such outings. Therefore, it’s important to pay extra attention to your child’s safety during these warm months. We provide you with 8 tips for a safe and carefree summer with children! 


1. Hydration is the top priority

On hot summer days, especially when engaging in active activities, your child needs an adequate amount of water. Ensure that your child stays well-hydrated. Carry water bottles when heading outdoors and encourage your child to drink regularly. It might be tempting to grab a cold glass of soda from the fridge occasionally. However, sugary beverages can actually worsen dehydration. So, avoid doing that too often.


2.  Sun protection is a must

Proper skin protection at a young age prevents skin issues and diseases in later life. Therefore, safeguard your child’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Use sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it at least 30 minutes before heading outdoors. Repeat this every few hours.

Additionally, dress your child in light and protective clothing to reduce sun exposure. While swimming, this might seem challenging, but nowadays, there are many UV suits available that shield the skin from UV rays. These suits are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that dries quickly. While sunscreen can wash off from your skin due to swimming or sweating, such a UV shirt or pants provide continuous protection. Remember to still apply sunscreen to the areas not covered by a UV shirt!


3. Prevent overheating

Ensure your child can cool down sufficiently to prevent overheating. Seek out shaded areas, especially during the hottest hours of the day. Never leave your child unattended in a parked car, even for a short time. The temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, quickly becoming dangerous.


4. Swim safety

For children, there’s almost nothing more enjoyable in summer than swimming. However, as fun as it is, it’s also a time when serious accidents can occur. Ensure your child is water-safe. Always put swimming arm bands on children who can’t swim when they are near water. Teach them to swim as soon as they are of the appropriate age or ensure they have at least basic swimming skills. Never leave your child unattended near water, even in shallow areas. Planning a day of boating? Always have children wear a life jacket.


5. Insect bites and ticks

While insects are beneficial for flowers and plants, humans often find them less enjoyable. They can be bothersome, biting, and stinging, and some insects can transmit diseases. Keep insects at bay by using insect repellents. Regularly check your child for tick bites, especially if you’ve been in wooded areas, but ticks can also be found in your backyard grass. Remove ticks promptly to prevent the spread of diseases.


6. Food and nutrition

Just like hydration, nutrition is important for a healthy summer. These are the months when you might be more inclined to grab an ice cream, order a platter at a terrace, or give your child a bag of chips on a weekday since every day feels like a weekend. However, it’s crucial to provide your child with healthy and balanced nutrition. Planning to bring food while you’re out? Food can spoil quickly due to higher temperatures. Prevent this by storing it in a cooler bag with ice packs.


7. Outdoor play safety

Children love playing outdoors, and it’s important to encourage that. However, accidents can still happen. If you’re heading to a playground, quickly inspect the play equipment for sharp edges or loose parts. It’s also safest for children to play on shock-absorbing surfaces like rubber mats. However, you might not always have control over playground equipment and facilities. Therefore, pay attention and instruct your child to hold on securely and use the slide safely, for example.


8. Discuss safety together

Lastly, it’s important to talk to your child about safety. While you can do everything to ensure your child’s safety, if your child doesn’t understand the importance of safe play, it can be challenging. Explain why certain precautions are necessary and teach your child what to do in case of an accident.


Bonus Tip: Complete the child safety check 

During the summer period, daycare centers and after-school programs often have more outdoor play and outings. Naturally, the safety of the children is a top priority in the organization. The above tips are geared towards families but can certainly be applied in childcare settings as well.

For added peace of mind, complete the child safety check and explore Arte Viva’s range of child safety products to make your summer adventures even more carefree. From door finger guards for daycare centers to corner protectors for your home, Arte Viva helps create a safe environment wherever your summer fun takes you! 

If you have any questions about child safety during the summer, whether at home or in childcare, feel free to contact us!