Acoustic Improvement at Doomijn Childcare | Zwolle

Client: Doomijn Childcare
Address: Westerlaan 22, 8011 CC Zwolle, The Netherlands
Installation by:  Kind Veilig Huis
Typology: kindergarten, nursery, daycare centre, child centre
Products supplied: Acoustic Cloud

Doomijn childcare approached us to address an acoustic issue for one of their locations. The main concern was the poor acoustics within the space, which prompted the need for a solution to improve the sound environment for the children and staff.

Initial Assessment and Measurements

Before we could tackle the problem, we started off by conducting measurements of the original acoustic situation. The initial measurements showed values that exceeded more than 5 times the norm. This emphasized the necessity for acoustic enhancements. The primary goal was to align the acoustic conditions with established norms, targeting a reverberation time (RT) between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds which is the standard for spaces in daycare centers.


Acoustic Solution

To address the poor acoustics in the various rooms, we introduced our Acoustic Cloud sound-absorbing panels, by suspending them from the ceilings. These panels not only effectively diminish noise but also enhance acoustics in environments like classrooms. The playful cloud-shaped design is especially suited for a childcare center like this. With coverage guidelines suggesting placement over about 1/3 of the floor space, these panels were strategically positioned. By implementing these Acoustic Clouds, the reverberation time was reduced within the acceptable range of 0.3 to 0.6 seconds in all rooms after installation. This improvement is particularly noticeable in bustling environments with numerous children, ultimately fostering an optimal learning and interaction atmosphere.


Measurement Comparison 

To illustrate the effectiveness of the acoustic improvement project, a comparison was drawn between the initial RT 60 measurements, and the measurements obtained after the installation of the acoustic clouds. RT 60, or Reverberation Time 60, assesses a room’s acoustic qualities by measuring the duration it takes for sound to decrease by 60 decibels from its original level. The results highlighted a substantial reduction in reverberation time, which validated the success of the project in improving the acoustic conditions within the rooms.


The implementation of acoustic clouds effectively reduced the reverb time in the childcare spaces, resulting in an acceptable level of noise. This improvement is particularly noticeable in situations where there are many children present, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for learning and play.

The reverberation times were compared to the established norm, which dictates that the reverberation time should fall between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds. The achieved results demonstrate that the attic rooms and the kindergarten/nursery room now meet this standard. While the maximum standard of 0.6 seconds was reached in certain locations in the attic, the overall average reverberation time remains comfortably below this threshold, ensuring that the acoustics are not disruptive.



To maintain the improved acoustic environment and prevent future disruptions, the recommendation is to incorporate soft materials that offer sound absorption. These materials include sound-absorbing floors, sofas, and rugs. By selecting such elements for any future renovations or additions to the space, Doomijn childcare can sustain the benefits of the acoustic cloud installation and ensure a conducive auditory setting for the children.

In conclusion, the project undertaken to enhance the acoustics of Doomijn childcare’s BSO Westerlaan location in Zwolle serves as a successful example of how strategic measures can be employed to tackle acoustic challenges and create an environment that fosters better auditory conditions for children’s activities and learning.


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