23 September 2021

Trends 2021 – Natural colored Interior for kindergartens and schools

Did you know that, according to color psychologists, using certain colors in kindergartens, nurseries, and schools, such as bright red or yellow, can affect a child’s moods, sleep patterns, and even how much they eat? Colors have a major influence on the behavior of a child. Bright colors like blue, red, orange, and yellow are fun for a brief period but in the long run, children do not like being surrounded by these colors all day long.

Therefore, it is especially important to carefully think about the color theme when designing a school or a kindergarten. That is why more and more kindergartens around the world follow the trend of designing new kindergartens and schools with a natural-colored interior. Combining those settled colors with wood creates a welcoming, cozy and relaxed environment for children. In this blog, we have collected inspiring designs from different kindergartens in Europe as well as a color palette of the most suitable colors for kindergartens and schools.


New Kindergartens following the trend of natural colored interior 

  1. France

Kindergartens in France focus on colors outside the building and more settled colors insight. Setting colored highlights with furniture or one colored wall is very common as it gives the room more dimension. Nevertheless, using earth colors in areas like the changing room or the bedroom help the child to relax.  


France kita
France kita
France kita

2. Germany

New trendy kindergartens in Germany like to implement a lot of wood design in their interior concept. This gives the room a calm and organized atmosphere.  


Germany kita
Germany kita
Germany kita


3. Italy

The kindergarten design in Italy is outstanding. A mix of unique designs and high ceilings create a dreamy atmosphere to play. Colorful highlights like accessories, lights, or pillows add a playful element to the interior.  


Italy kita
Italy kita


4. Spain

In comparison to the other interior designs mentioned above, Spain kindergartens focus more on color. Colors all around are their kindergarten design approach. Bright and intense colors can not only be found outside but also inside.  


Spain kita
Spain kita


Which colors should be used in a kindergarten 

A baby feels especially comfortable in an environment with tenderly warm colors such as pink, apricot, and peach. Schools should consider colors like brown shades and natural colors with a small colorful highlight in blue, orange, or green. 

An appealing design idea is to divide a long wall vertically into unequal pieces. The different themed corners can be played with accessories in matching colors and/or curtains. Choosing a color in different tones and shades is always a clever idea. For example, set up a space in all kinds of large color shades. To prevent it from getting too boring, you can play with some accessories that have a very colorful color. Another nice idea is to choose from two colors next to each other in the color spectrum, each of which is then in a soft, enlarged variant. Colors that lie next to each other in the spectrum are, for example, red and orange.  


The best colors for painting a kindergarten, schools, or a nursery 

  1. Subtle Blues 

Gentle and soothing, light, and medium shades of blue are said to aid in relaxing both body and mind. Blue can act as a salve to reduce anxiety and lower heart rate and is also a cooling color that is good for helping children to calm down. 




2. Nurturing Greens 

Bring nature into your design by painting the walls in a nurturing shade of green. Green has been given the hums up for nursery colors for its association with health and well-being and is said to improve concentration and reading ability. Like blue, you should choose a light to medium color for the greatest soothing effect. 




3. Cozy Pinks / Elegant Purples 

Pink is a go-to choice by giving it a cozy and warm ambiance. Go with gentle tones that lean more neutral for the ultimate in soft comfort. If you are looking for a more different interior design, purple is a playful alternative. Long associated with royalty, the right shade of pastel purple can transform a baby’s room into a fabulous contemporary space. 




4. Earth-inspired Neutrals 

Neutrals and clay tones are very calming and grounding for children by giving their eyes rest. An earth-tone room gives you the chance to introduce brighter details to your accessories. 




5. Soothing Whites 

Creamy, white walls offer a perfect backdrop for children. Go with whites with warm undertones instead of blues to avoid overstimulating your baby. 




6. Contemplative Grays 

Gray is the perfect modern neutral and can be matched with almost any other color to brighten it up. In terms of color psychology, gray is a calming color and promotes contemplation. Light or medium gray is a sensible choice and absolutely does not have to be boring when paired with accents such as white, pink, pastels, green, gold, etc. 





Find the perfect match 

Not only the colors on the walls are an important thing to consider when designing a kindergarten, school, or nursery. Especially the furniture and other products fulfill the room and should therefore be a perfect match with the wall colors. Arte Viva’s product range offers a variety of very bright but also very settled and natural colors that are the missing pieces when designing a room for children. Our floor and wall matt in Ivory minimizes injuries or harm if a child falls.  


Floor and wall matt Arte Viva


Furthermore, you can find our corner guard deluxe in a variety of natural colors – from white, over grey to brown. The Arte Viva corner guards protect children from dangerous corners and edges. Prevent injuries from falling at schools, kindergartens, and playgrounds. 


Corner guard Arte Viva


Choose the right colors for your kindergarten and fulfill it with the right safety measures. Discover our website to view our products and find the right match with your kindergarten, school, or nursery.  

Stay safe, your Arte Viva Team!