14 September 2021

Autumn child safety tips

fall and child

Autumn has arrived! Leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. After the hot months of summer, the temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. This time of the year brings a lot of fun for kids, like Halloween trick-or-treating and playing with leaves, but also some hazards.

We have collected autumn safety tips to make sure kids can enjoy the season to the fullest and keep them out of harm’s way.


1. Enjoy leaves safely

Jumping into a huge pile of leaves is the biggest fun for kids. As much fun as it is, jumping into a leave pile can be more dangerous than many realize. Those colorful piles can contain sharp and dangerous objects that can lead to painful scratches or even concussions.

  • When you rake a pile of leaves make sure it does not contain any dangerous objects
  • Best way to avoid hazards it to clean up the leaves directly


2. Beware of slipping and falling

This time of the year brings a lot of rain so things get wet and slippery. Kids love to jump in the puddles and play outdoors, but the streets can be very slippery due to leaves and water which is a major cause of slips and falls during autumn. Make sure to take some precautions to avoid nasty injuries due to slipping or falling.

  • Be cautious while driving or walking with children
  • Use shoes or rain boots with a sturdy profile sole
  • Learn children not to run at slippery surfaces
  • Take of childrens’ shoes off when they go inside

Looking for anti-slip material? We offer colored Anti-slip Steps that help prevent slipping on floors or stairs. 


kid playing in fall


3. Back to school traffic

Schools have started again and that means more traffic. All road users should be alert to avoid accidents and take caution for everyone to stay safe. Here are a few key tips:

  • Behave like you want your child to behave in traffic
  • Make your children aware of possible dangers 
  • Teach children important signs and rules needed for safe participation in the traffic. 
  • Ensure to use the right safety seat for your child and to fasten is correctly
  • Take small children by the hand when walking
  • Only let children bike to school when they are fully comfortable on the bike and able to cycle safely

Read our blog with road safety tips to learn more about child safety in traffic and how to to create a safer way to school for children.



4. Avoid sickness

Playing outside is fun, but during autumn the days are getting cold and wet. This makes the kids go inside and sit together in nice and warm classrooms. This has a downside since the chance of spreading viruses and germs is larger. What can you do to prevent your child gets sick?

  • Wash hand regularly
  • Open windows and door to ventilate and let in fresh air
  • Sleep and healthy food impoves the immune system

Prevent the spread of viruses with our hygienic door solutions and the song ‘Handwashing for the little ones”. The Hands-Free Door Opener enables you to open and close doors with the forearm instead of bare hands. The Door Blocker prevents doors from closing and the Door Stopper keeps doors open.


5. Stay safe in the dark

This time of the year means the nighttime arrives earlier. At some point, it is already dark before parents come home from work. The visibility becomes very low and in combination with rainy weather, this could be extremely dangerous. If you have to go outside with your children take a few safety measures:

  • Always have your lights on
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Take extra care on the road


6. Fire safety for children

One of the hardest lessons a child must learn is that some things – such as a stove, radiators, or flames – can be painfully hot. Especially during autumn, most people start heating up their homes as the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. But turning on the heather or lightning up the fireplace is very dangerous for children as the heat and the fire can cause some severe burning. Therefore, it is important to take burn safety precautions to prevent injuries and dangerous situations.

  • Keep childrens away from fire and hot objects
  • Always supervise children when the fireplace is on
  • Do not light candles when children are around
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and test them regularly


7. Cover radiators to prevent burning and severe injuries

Especially radiators are an underestimated danger zone for children. During autumn and winter, kindergartens and childcare make use of radiators to create a cozy and warm environment for children. If the radiator is not protected, children are highly likely to walk or crawl to the radiator and burn their hands or bump their heads against the metal.


radiator cover for fall

Arte Viva developed a radiator cover to keep children safe around heaters in schools and kindergartens. Our wooden radiator protection covers the radiator fully so that children cannot touch it anymore. At the same time, it is still possible to heat up the room without any problem, due to the air vents for heat circulation. The wide rounding angle of the protection prevents sharp corners. Thanks to our modular system the length can be customized to any radiator size. It is quickly and easily installed and a more convenient option than the traditional custom-designed and made covers.

radiator cover for fall

Up for something fun? Then collect all the kids from your school and kindergarten groups together and paint the radiator covers. Be creative and design your individual piece of art for your school or kindergarten!


Most importantly let the kids play and enjoy the autumn period!



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