20 December 2019

Tips for a safe New Year’s Eve with children

The end of the year is approaching! After a month in December in which our children were spoiled by Santa Claus with gifts and treats. Now the new year is coming soon and of all events in December, New Year’s Eve is probably the most exciting event for parents.

fireworks new years eve

New Year’s Eve and fireworks New Year’s Eve is always accompanied by fireworks. A lot of money is spent on fireworks, to start the new year in a spectacular way. Fireworks also entail the necessary dangers, especially for children. Children cannot properly estimate the risks and dangers of fireworks. In this article, we will discuss the dangers of fireworks for children and give tips that contribute to a safe New Year’s Eve.

1. Celebrate a “children’s New Year’s Eve”

“Children’s New Year’s Eve” is created for young children. Many families with small children have a child-friendly New Year’s Eve earlier in the evening. You count down to the new year just like at the real New Year, but you do this on December 31 at 7:00 PM. The clock is five hours ahead and the children are up for the moment. The countdown begins, followed by the best wishes at 7 p.m. The children’s fireworks are then lit and the parents can see whether everything is going well and safely. As soon as the fireworks are over, the children can get ready and go to bed. The adult countdown can begin because in a few hours is New Year!

2. Children’s champagne

Children’s champagne is available at various stores and is very nice for New Year’s Eve. Be on time with buying children’s champagne and toast the new year with the children.

3. Children and fireworks

“Anyone going outside at the end of the year should wear fireworks glasses.”

Towards the end of the year, there’s a lot of fireworks in circulation. Be selective with the fireworks that you purchase. There are packages that do not involve inflammation and which mainly contain confetti, this is great for the little ones. When the children grow up, consider buying fireworks that match their age. Take your time to inquire on the internet and in the store which children’s fireworks are appropriate for children. Sparklers’ fireworks seem very nice and rather innocent but always supervise and educate your children about the dangers of fireworks.

new years eve sparkels

4. Safety above all

Safety first applies to everyone when fireworks are involved, both to children and adults. How often do you hear that a pot of decorative fireworks or a bottle with a rocket falls over? There are numerous reports every year in the emergency room, which can be attributed to improperly and unsafe ignited fireworks.

There are many different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with children. No matter how you celebrate New Year’s Eve, it’s only really successful if the evening passes without accidents. Be well informed, be aware of the choices you make, and put safety above all.

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Have a nice and safe New Year’s Eve!