Daycare Centre Pinkeltje | Voorburg

Location: Voorburg, The Netherlands
Architect: No-Label
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van der Pol
Typology: kindergarten, nursery, daycare centre, child centre
Products supplied: Finger Alert Professional – anthracite

The new building of Daycare Centre Pinkeltje was opened in 2022, welcoming up to 56 children aged 0 to 4 years. It is a very sustainable and circular building with an attractive and warm character.


The goal was to realize an optimal and compact building that is flexible and reusable in the future with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The energy for the building is generated by 110 solar panels. Ground heat is used for heating and cooling with the aid of a heat pump. To limit water consumption, all rainwater under the building is collected and used to flush the toilets and water the plants, the so-called gray water circuit.

A conscious choice was made for durable, maintenance-friendly materials with a long lifespan. The combination of self-sufficieny and robust materials makes this a contemporary building with a green, natural and sustainable character.

Indoor and outdoor play 

The building is distinguished by a large overhanging roof that makes the transition between inside and outside optimal. Providing shade during sunny days and shelter during rainy days, children can play outside all year round.

Besides the group rooms, there’s a multifunctional area with play corners, children’s kitchen, seats, cupboards, and a tree!

Blending safety with design

The design of Daycare Centre Pinkeltje combines warm materials with minimalistic elements. The doors are finished in grey and wood colour and have large windows to let through natural day light.

For this projects, we supplied our Finger Alert Professional – anthracite – 229 cm that fully covers the hinge side of the door to avoid finger entrapment for children. This is a discreet and extremely durable solution that has been tested for 1.000.000 opening cycles, blending safety with design.


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