Citizens School | Dubai

Location: Dubai, UAE
Client: Citizens School
Typology: Primary school, pre-school, early years, nursery
Products supplied: Corner Guard Deluxe, Pillar Wall Guard – ribbed, Finger Alert 110°, Finger Alert Professional 

In 2023, Citizens School was opened in Dubai, UAE – a visionary new school that reimagines the future of education. The building has a capacity of 2,600 children and welcomes children aged between 6 months to 12 years across their nursery, primary and secondary programs.


The 43,000m2 school campus has been designed to be a safe and supportive environment for children. The campus offers facilities for students from all ages including a nursery, a open playing and recreation area, a multi-purpose performing arts and activity hall, top-notch swimming facility, football and rugby pitches, and a dining area. To ensure safety for children, our safety solutions have been installed in classrooms, hallways, and sports areas. The safety products provided include the Corner Guard Deluxe, Pillar Wall Guard, Finger Alert 110°, and Finger Alert Professional on the doors. 

Playing safely 

Play is crucial for kids to learn, grow, and have fun while boosting social skills and confidence. Safety matters both on and off the field, so sports facilities should be free from sharp corners, slippery floors, and slamming doors to ensure children can play without getting hurt. It’s every child’s right to play in a safe environment.

Corner protection for children

The Corner Guard Deluxe is specially designed for (pre-) schools, kindergartens, nurseries, child daycare centers, and public buildings as a durable corner guard that protects children from dangerous corners and edges. The robust material of the Corner Guard Deluxe absorbs impact from the heaviest crashes, minimizing injury to children in accidents.

Pillar wall protection for children

Pillars and walls can be dangerous when playing sports. To avoid serious injuries, pillars and walls at the sports facilities need to be protected with absorbing materials. The Pillar Wall Guard, a soft, flexible, and shock-absorbing protector, is perfect for sports facilities – sports halls, basketball courts, gymnastics, indoor football.

Reimagining education

Citizens School is on a mission to re-imagine education and challenge the conventional to help prepare children for a future where 60% of jobs do not exist yet. The school uses an innovative and unique learning experience to enable students to develop a broad, rich, and connected bank of knowledge and skills relevant for the lives they will lead in the 21st-century giving them the choices to determine the routes that they want to go on to reach their full potential.


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Pillar Wall Guard – ribbed

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