Children’s Centre Holk Doornsteeg | Nijkerk

Address: Polderhof 2, 3861 XN Nijkerk, The Netherlands
Architect: No-Label
Contractor: Doppenberg
Typology: Primary school, nursery, daycare center
Products supplied: Finger Alert Professional – silver grey

Children’s Center Holk located in Nijkerk, the Netherlands has opened its 2nd location in Polderhof. In IKC Holk Doornsteeg, childcare and pre-school programs are offered for children aged 0-13 years old.

Multifunctional spaces

Their building follows the concept of providing open multifunctional spaces in and around the school to allow customization of the size and arrangement of the learning and play areas.

As a child center, IKC Holk Doornsteeg is constantly facing high traffic of children throughout their building. To ensure safety for children they have installed our Finger Alert Professional on the doors – avoiding finger entrapment accidents.

Safety for all children

The Finger Alert Professional is specially designed for (pre-) schools, kindergartens, nurseries, child daycare centers, and public buildings as a sustainable finger protector for doors. These professional door finger guards eliminate the risk of children getting their fingers stuck between the hinge side of the door.

Zero-energy and healthy

In line with the latest guidelines of the Dutch government for renovating and building new schools the children’s center was designed to be a Fresh School class B. A fresh school is a school building with low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment in terms of air quality, temperature, comfort, light, and sound. A perfect environment for children and teachers that contributes to a sustainable world.


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