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Child Safe Mirrors

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Eyeline Mirror

Child safe mirror

The Child Safe Mirror from Arte Viva is shatterproof and impact resistant. In the event of a collision with the mirror, you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Even if a stone is thrown against the Child Safe Mirror, the damage is limited. You don’t have to worry about broken glass that can be of great danger for children like with a traditional mirror. The Child Safe Mirror can be placed in the classrooms and in the corridor to give the room a brighter and more open feeling. The children recognize themselves, resulting in a fun method to experiment with emotions and body which stimulates their development.

Can you install multiple mirrors together, creating a larger surface area?

Yes! You can easily install multiple child safe mirrors together by using screws or double-sided tape to create a larger mirror surface.

What are the dimensions of the Child Safe Mirror?

The dimensions of the Child Safe Mirror – rectangle are 60 x 50 cm / 23.5 x 19.5 in.

What variants are there of the child safe mirror?

There are two different sizes available. The large Child Safe Mirror (60 x 50 cm / 23.5 x 19.5 in) as visible in the image above. The second is the smaller Eyeline Mirror strip (100 x 5 cm / 39.4 x 2 in).

Is the child safe mirror suitable for the toilet areas?

The mirror is easy to clean and suitable for the toilet areas within the primary school, nursery or daycare center. A mirror in the toilet room is indispensable. The childproof mirror is a good choice within schools, nurseries, and daycare centers.

Is the childproof mirror suitable for the dressing room at the gym?

Yes, the mirror is impact-resistant and shatterproof, and therefore safe. Even if a ball, block or cone hits it. The mirror remains perfectly intact under these conditions. Naturally, if you put in a lot of effort, the mirror can be broken.

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