25 October 2021

20 Autumn activities to do with kids

Autumn is officially here but due to the weather, you have to be creative and come up with nice ideas to do with your child!

In this article, we from Arte Viva will give you 20 inspirational, fun, and autumnal activities to do together with your child – no matter the weather situation outside.

Autumn crafts  

1. Sticky tree

This tree is made of cardboard and covered with paper leaves. This keeps your child busy for a while.

sticky tree kids

2. Autumnal tree 

Paint an autumnal tree and fill it with colorful Q-Tip leaves.

autumn tree kids

3. Autumn handprint tree

Draw your child’s hand on colorful paper and then cut out the form. As soon as you have some hands together you can draft your own handprint tree.

autumn craft handprint tree

Autumn activities in nature  

4. Trip into nature

Take a bucket with you and collect everything possible: Leaves, branches, stones, leaves, chestnuts, etc. Later on, you can use those items for drafting.

5. Fall scavenger hunt 

Can you find all of them? Print out this sheet for your next walk in the forest.

fall scafenger hunt

6. Leaf hunt 

Find as many leaves as possible but especially preschoolers can enjoy leaf hunting with some tasks in mind: 

  • find a certain number of leaves 
  • find as many leaves of a certain color as possible 
  • make a number lines with the leaves to hop and count

colorful leaves

7. Apple picking 

Apple picking is a family favorite for sure. Find the nearest apple field and enjoy taste-testing all the different varieties of apples. Pick some apples to enjoy as a snack and reserve some for some delicious apple pie.

8. Nature Walk in a New Place 

Go on Trip Advisor, select your city, and check out the “Outdoor/Nature” section. You’ll likely find an idea for a new spot you haven’t been to yet. Find a neat spot, pack some snacks, and hit the road.

Family autumnal walk

9. Visit a Farm 

Taking a trip to your local farm is always a fun idea to spend an autumnal day.

10. Collect Pine Cones 

After gathering a collection of pine cones, you can sort them by size or color shade with your little one. With preschoolers, you could introduce the cycle of how a seed becomes a plant. 

Autumn activities at home 

11. Buy a pumpkin, wash and color it

This is a fun way to be very creative with your child. Give them some child-safe paint and they will draw an art piece out of the pumpkin.

12. Read fall books 

Family reading

13. Clean Your Pumpkins

Toddlers love cleaning things! (Ironic since they also love to make messes.) Give them a few small pumpkins, a bucket of soapy water, and a scrub brush. They will have the time of their lives.

14. Hide the Glow Stick

This is perfect for when it starts to get cold and dark earlier in the day. Buy some glow sticks and play hide and seek with your children.

glowsticks and child

15. Indoor Picnic

If it’s too cold or rainy for a picnic at the park, then why don’t you take the picnic inside? Layout a blanket in your living or bedroom, and enjoy some picnic snacks. Nice finger food ideas are sandwiches, crackers, fruits, and vegetables. 

16. Build an Indoor Fort 

As the weather gets chilly, you have to get creative. But we have a perfect idea – build an Indoor Fort! Fun for the entire family.

Autumnal indoor tent

Child friendly autumn recipes 

Baking with toddlers and preschoolers is messy for sure! But it is very beneficial for them. Kids work on math, motor skills, vocabulary, and responsibility when they’re allowed to actually contribute in the kitchen with adults. Choose simple recipes for starters and demonstrate each step before you let your child try.

17. Pumpkin Spice Cookies

These seasonal cookies are a must to do in autumn. To make it easier for your child, you can measure out ingredients into toddler-friendly dishes so your little helper has everything they need to get involved. To make it more autumnal cut the pumpkin spice cookies in an autumn shape. 

Autumnal snacks cookies

18. Drink Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is always a fun treat to celebrate cooler nights. Top it up with some whipped cream and colorful marshmallows.

19. Apple Muffins

These apple muffins are delicious and worth trying on colder autumn days.  

20. Bake Apple “Chips”

Looking for a healthy snack you and your littles will love? Slice up some crispy apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon, and get to baking!

Autumnal snacks apple

We hope you enjoyed our autumn activities! If you and your child try out some of these activities, send us a photo on Facebook or Instagram. We would be happy to see them. Enjoy your autumn!