14 February 2022

How to make Windows Child Safe

Shocking news: Each year 3300 children fall out of the window and are injured so badly that they must go to the hospital. Out of those children about 8 die from a fall out of the window.

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When creating a safe environment for children it is important to take the necessary steps to establish such a safe place where children can learn, play and grow up in. A huge danger zone can be windows. Therefore, it is more than necessary to make windows safe for children, so they are not able to climb and fall out of the window.  


How can we make windows child safe?

Children love to climb and watch things that are going on outside the house. If they see something remarkably interesting outside, they do not think about how they can get there, they only want to go there as soon as possible.  

To prevent this situation, it is necessary to install a window safety. The window safety from Arte Viva is very recommendable for the first and higher floors of kindergartens, schools, and homes. The Window Alert restricts the window opening to 10 centimeters (about the length of the long edge of a credit card), which keeps your child from falling out. The window can be opened normally, but this requires a two-handed operation and key. In kindergartens there are often several floors, creating potential danger zones. Therefore, window security locks are necessary and important. 

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Extra preventions to keep children safe around windows

To create an even safer environment, make sure that there is no furniture standing in front of the windows. In doing so, children will not be able to climb up the furniture to look out the window.  Thus, make sure to keep the entire window area boring and bare. When decorations and toys are near the window, it invites children to play and interact over there. Furthermore, the cord on the window’s blinds or shades can be extremely dangerous for children as well. Dangling cords can cause strangulation or near-strangulation. Therefore, make sure that the cords are always out of reach for children.  

Injuries due to falling from a window are common, but they are preventable when you take the necessary steps that we have mentioned above.  



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