''I absolutely think this should be on doors where there are children coming and going. I did experience a child at a school get their fingers broken because they put them in the opening by the hinges.''

B. Philips - Montessori professional for over 40 years - USA

We have been using them since February 2010 and only now are the first to be replaced, so we are very satisfied with it ;-)

Daycare center Owiebowie - Netherlands

Compliments to the team for the quality of work and the flexibility with regard to responding to changed situations.

Prinses Máxima center for pediatric oncology - Netherlands

You guys are a great and enthusiastic supplier, and it’s a pleasure to be handling your products.

School Supplier - Japan

He came running and full hit his head on the edge of the wall. Thank God, your cover was on the stand. All was o.k. and he continued playing. It was a powerful blow, but the product absorbed the impact and saved his life. Keep up the good work. You are doing a noble job.

M. Al Mishari - CEO Hospital Riyadh

I open a second nursery soon and will use your door finger guards as well as corner protectors. I am delighted with your products in my current nursery.

M. Barbier - Nursery 'Au Pays d’Eveil' - France