Safe Coat Hook

Safe coat hook for children

Every corridor at a primary school, nursery or daycare center is full of it, coats and bags from the children. At Arte Viva, we have child safety solutions for daycare centers, nurseries, and primary schools, including the safe coat hook. If we look at a traditional primary school with 8 groups and 25 children per class, there are already 200 children. All these children come to school with a jacket and backpack at certain times of the year. The jacket is hung on the coat rack and the bag goes into the classroom. The corridors are full of children’s coats and bags during class hours.

The Safe Coat Hook from Arte Viva is strong and yet flexible when needed. The teacher says: “do not run in the corridor” and yet it happens. Accidents happen, also in the corridor. In traditional school buildings, there is a whole row of coat hooks in the corridor and these can be dangerous, our coat hooks are not. The coat hooks are easy to mount on the wall and provide a nice colorful appearance.


What are the dimensions of the coat hooks?

The puzzle pieces have a size of 15 x 8 cm / 6 x 3 in.


Can the hook be removed from the coat hook?

Yes, when the puzzle is dismounted the coat can be removed and replaced for instance.


Can you order a series of coat hooks of one color?

All combinations are possible. Blue, red and yellow puzzle plates can be combined or not.


Is the safe coat hook easy to install?

To install the Safe Coat Hook you have to mount the puzzle plates to a firm surface with two screws.


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